Stop blogging and enjoy the holiday

Stop blogging and enjoy the holiday

Put away the!

There won't be many times when I actually tell you to stop blogging for a while. I've always said that a blog's sustainability depends on it ability to maintain a steady schedule. That daily or weekly post is something that your fans and sponsors count on.

My only exception is during major holidays. I don't mean you should stop blogging on holidays that means something special to you personally such as Veteran's Day, but the major holidays where pretty much the whole country shuts down.

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays. The whole point of being a dad blogger is to share your knowledge and experience as a father, but how can you do that if you spend all your time blogging? Take a break for this four-day weekend and enjoy spending time with your children and significant other.

Enjoy going to grandma's and gorging on turkey and stuffing until you bleed gravy and let the blogging pick up again on Monday. Heck, I'll even let you start writing Sunday night once the kids go to bed. Always remember that the reason you are blogging is because of family and they should always come first.

The break will also give you time relax and release all those tensions you have as well. Come back refreshed and ready to take on the world. You'll not only enjoy the blogging more, but your family will appreciate you even more. Let your family know that they are first by shutting that computer and enjoying a little one-on-one time.