Searching for topics

Searching for topics

Ideas won't always come

Blogging isn't always easy. When you start out, you've got a hundred ideas for blogs and it takes only a few minutes to bang them out. Pretty soon, your blog is filled with great and informative posts and you're on your way to international stardom.

After a few weeks or months, the posts are getting a little harder to write. Posts that were once taking 10 minutes are now taking an hour to write and the topics aren't flowing from your mind anymore. You're going to have to bite the bullet and look for different topics.

If you can't think of anything from your life to write, then scour news websites that pertain to your niche. This works not only for topic ideas, but it's also timely so people will be searching for more information about it. It's important that if you quote directly from the website that you attribute the source.

Plagiarism isn't accepted by anyone, even if it's accidental. If the news sites aren't doing it for you, then you may have to start lurking on some of your friends sites and other blogs. You don't have to pick their topic exactly, but its perfectly OK to gain inspiration from friends and competition. Parents often have similar experience and while you may have forgotten it through the years, others haven't.

Their topics may spur a memory that you had completely forgotten about. Just remember that your blog is about your opinion and not others. So while the subject matter can be similar, everything else should be all you.