The Holiday Post

The Holiday Post

Phony, contrived drivel ...bah humbug


It Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza and Festivus time again, so the mines of bloggers turn to series swag from sponsors and the ever present holiday post. Everyone does them regardless of what holiday you celebrate.


It's a fluff filled post about how much you love your family and how thankful you are for everything. I hate these things. Don't get me wrong, I love my family, etc., but holiday posts are so contrived and formulaic that they are the blogging equivalent of literary vomit. I know, people are going to get all over me for this, but it's totally unnecessary.


You spend the year creating a blog that fits your niche. It take a lot of work and you make a point to not include frivolous posts. If you want frivolous, then shoot a tweet or Facebook update. Suddenly, the weather turns colders, the tree goes up and the world forgets everything they've been taught. I have written many Christmas posts for many different blogs over the years.


They often used memories from my childhood or recent with my family, thanks and joy for the season, etc. Everyone eats it up and you got an easy to write post for the day. Maybe I'm just a Scrooge that has lost the Christmas spirit. The holiday post is obligatory and you're going to do it, so just have fun. If you start feeling a little sappy about it, then revise it a little and put some meat into it. Talk about something that is connected to your blog niche..