Don't let it go to your head

Don't let it go to your head

With fame comes pride

When you're beginning your dad blog experience, it's an adventure. After a few years and you've actually made a name for yourself, it's possible to let your success go to your head.

Recently, I was involved with a conversation with a group of mom bloggers about one of the major conferences that happen every year. They were complaining how all the newbie bloggers were constantly asking them questions and doing all these things to annoy them.

I couldn't help but laugh. These are the same women that only a few years ago where doing the exact same thing. Some of these women actually make income by helping out smaller and struggling bloggers get sponsorships and reviews.

Yet, here she was bad mouthing the very people she tries to help every year. I couldn't help, but chime in about some of their more embarrassing situations through the years. They needed to be reminded that before the money and the big sponsorships, there were the wide-eyed newbies clinging to the other bloggers for advice and mentorship.

Success is a fickle thing and perfectly normal people can become elitist and snobbish under its influence. You may never think it will happen to you, but unless you keep yourself grounded, it will. We've all seen the fresh young Hollywood face corrupted by fame. Stephen King once told about his fall into drinking and drugs following his fame.

No matter what level of success you have, never forget where you came from. The people that have long standing success are the ones that treat people and themselves with respect.