Dad blogging at Christmas

Dad blogging at Christmas

The art of the gift guide.

It's that time of year again where everyone starts going gaga over gift guides. Christmas is a very important time for dad bloggers because it's the best time of year to get free stuff.

Everyone wants a review or contest for their product and they send these out in droves hoping the masses will read and buy for their kids or significant other. Toys and other items are given away for the sake of Christmas spirit.

As a dad blogger, you can wait for them to come to you or you can be proactive and go after them. Odds are if you're a blogger of any means, then you're going to be contacted by at least a few people. You need to decide how big a part of your blog Christmas giveaways and gift guides are going to be. I know bloggers who have multiple posts nearly every day promoting a new contest or gift guide.

If you want it to be a big part of your Christmas, then you're going to need to go on the offensive. You should start in September or early November to allow the items to be shipped to you in time to write the review. E-mail the public relations officers of the individual companies and give them your pertinent information.

Name, niche, various scores and why you want their product. Keep in mind the big guys are going to be hit up by hundreds if not thousands of people to don't forget to ask plenty of mom and pop and lesser known places in case the big guys don't respond.