Changing your mind

Changing your mind

Stick to your guns and own up

When you're a blogger, you are putting your thoughts and opinions out for the world to see and creating a written visual record on the Internet. Many people don't realize that when they start blogging and occasionally something you say earlier can come back to bite you in the behind.

As a parent, you may begin with certain concepts and ideas, but experience may shape you in a different direction. For example, a new parent may decry using the television as a babysitter, but five years later they're child's sitting watching Spongebob, so mom and dad can get their work or chore done.

It's a common occurrence, but if you write about one thing and then a few years later write about the opposite, it's possible someone is going to call you out. The fact is that changing your mind on certain styles of parenting is pretty common. When this happens and someone references your previous article and the new one, don't back track.

Don't try and explain it away. You should just simply tell the truth. Comment to them that you had those thoughts originally, but after living the last few years as a parent that you've now understand what others were thinking. Sometimes experience will cause you to change your mind and it isn't a bad thing. Just own up to it, when someone calls you out. If you do that, then you'll minimize the damage.

In a few days, it will all blow over and you would have created brand new blogs for people to talk about.